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Brief Description
●  Wide application: Abdomen, Gynecologic and Obstetric, urology, cardiology ,small parts,etc.
●  Powerful measurement & calculation software packages
●  8-Segment TGC adjustment
●  10.4 ″high resolution monitor
●  2 probe connectors
●  Puncture guide, with two approvable guiding lines whose angle and position can be adjustable.
●  Probe automatic identification
Main Technical Parameters
Main unit
Channels:≥32 channels digital beaming composite
Dead zone≤5mm(test report actually≤3mm)
Max scanning depth:≥17cm(test report actually≥20cm)
Geometry position precision:Transversal≤5%,Longitudinal≤5%(test report actually≤4%,Longitudinal≤4%)
Scanning mode:B、2B、4B 、B/M、M
28 grades depth adjustment under full visual field (10 kinds of magnification)
Dynamic scope:27~100dB,visible & adjustable
Four different angles / switchable width
Gray: 256
Imaging technique:full digital beam-composite, continuous dynamic focusing, dynamic aperture
Image storage: main unit Disk C 32 MB, 100 frames permanent storage
Cine loop:256 frames
8 stages TGC control
Image processing:pre-process (continuous dynamic focus, dynamic aperture, dynamic filter),
post-process(4 grades gamma correction)、frame correlation, black/white reversal, left/right
reversal, up/down reversal, edge enhancement ,etc.
Depth hoist / local zooming
Frame frequency:30 frames/s
Note:name, age, gender, hospital name, time, date, probe type, frequency, focus, frame correlation,
gain, dynamic scope, etc.
Backlight silica gel and photoelectrical trackball Puncture guide, with two approvable guiding lines
whose angle and position can be adjustable.
USB-A socket for flash disk to store images directly (it can store both patient image and relative report. Support file management, disk management and software update.)
USB-B socket for transferring of the real time image (optional software of case report process center)
Output: PAL / NTSC
Power supply:110/230V±10%,50Hz±2%
Printing Output: Optional thermal printer & optional software of case report processing center
Probe mode:electric convex, electric linear
Probe elements: 80 elements
Standard probe:3.5MHz convex multi-frequency probe
(Frequency conversion scope:2.0 / 2.5 / 3.5 / 5.0 MHz)
Optional probe:6.5MHz intra-vaginal frequency conversion probe.
(frequency conversion scope:4.0 / 5.0 / 6.5 / 7.5 MHz)
Optional probe:7.5MHz frequency conversion probe.
(frequency conversion scope:5.0 / 6.5 / 7.5 / 9.0 MHz)
Optional probe:5.0MHz micro-convex frequency conversion probe.
(frequency conversion scope:3.5 / 4.5 / 5.0 / 5.5 MHz)
convex probe 60°,intra-vaginal probe 130°
Body mark: 64 kinds body mark with probe direction
Probe socket: 2 sockets, automatically identify the probe
Normal measurement: distance, circumference, area(trochoid or ellipse), volume, angle, stenosis
(length, area), etc.
Obstetric measurement and analysis: BPD, CRL, GS, FL, HL, TAD,TBD, APBD, HC, AC, GA,EFW, FT,
LV THD, TCD, OFD, AFI, LMP, fetus growth curve( single frame, Four frames), OB report.
Cardio measurement and analysis: M routine measurement software package (depth, slope, heart rate,
cycle), cardio measurement software package (left ventricle function, mitral valve, aorta, ejection period,
cardiac muscle weight, cardio report, etc.
Gyn. measurement and analysis: uterus volume, endometrium thickness, ovary volume, superior ovarian
follicle, uterine neck long dia, GYN report, etc.
Urological measurement and analysis: residual urine, volume of prostate, Urological report
Report: OB report, fetus growth curve,cardio report, Gyn report, Urological report
Standard configuration
Main unit                                                         1 PC
3.5MHz convex probe                                   1 PC
Two probe connectors
pseudo color
5.0 MHz micro-convex probe (multi frequency)
6.5 MHz intra-vaginal convex probe(multi frequency)
7.5 MHz high frequency linear probe(multi frequency)
Video printer
Software of case report process center
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