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Brief Description
● Light weight of 1 kg, 2cm for thickness, 17cm for width, 25cm for length, very convenience for doctors to carry out.
● U Disk for upgrade.
● Dismountable battery.
● Connect with Jet printer, Laser printer to print directly.
● Other performance is as the same as the laptop computer, such as power save mode, touch mouse and so on.
● General measurement: distance, circumference, volume, angle, heart rate and etc.
● Obstetrics measurement software: BPD, GS, CRL, AD, AC, FL, HC, FTA, APTD, TTD and calculating fetus’ weight, pregnancy week, fetal physiological rating according to the previous measurements.
● Cardiac measurement software. The measurement result could be shown automatically.
Main Technical Parameters

Scanning mode :
electronic linear array, electronic convex array
Imaging model :
B, B/B, B/M, M, 4B
Gray scale :
256 levels, four selectable gamma curve
Transducer frequency :
2.5-8.5 MHz
Magnification :
×0.8, ×0.9, ×1.0,×1.1,×1.2,×1.3, ×1.4,×1.5
Permanent storage:
Cine loop :
192, manual and automatic
Sound Power :
8 grades from 0-7
Dynamic Range :
Adjustable from 30-75
USB Ports :
IP set :
Body Mark :
35 kinds
Pseudo color :
5 kinds
Image Processing :
Up/Down, Left/Right, Black/White, Frame correlation Edge enhancement, Scroll
Measurement :
Circumference, Area, Volume, Heart ratio, Velocity, OB and Cardiac
Focus :
Number and location of the focus can be adjusted
Puncture :
Puncture guide line
Adjustable, Near field, Middle field and Far field are adjustable from 39-99
Body Marks :
IP set :
Hospital’s name, Date, Time, Formula of Fetus’ weight and Pseudo color
Image store format :
Formula of Fetus’ weight :
Image :
Frame correlation, Edge enhancement, Dynamic range, center line, scan angle Puncture
Voltage :
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